KBC / Dothan, Alabama


We’ve talked about KBC on Instagram and had Chef Kelsey Barnard Clark, owner of KBC and the winner of Top Chef Season 16, on the Eating Alabama Podcast but we haven’t blogged about it yet. What the what? A blog post is going down right now!

We have been fans of Bravo’s Top Chef since day 1… or maybe day four? Regardless, we’ve been glued to the show since Season 1. To see the creativity of each Chef and how they worked under pressure amazed me. It pulled me in and made me realize just how hard these Chef’s work! We were fans of Chef Kelsey Barnard Clark since episode 1 of Season 16 - there were some bad ass southern women on the show and I loved it! It makes it even better when you meet Kelsey in real life because she is super chill and so nice - totally approachable. We have so much respect for her!

Onto the food at KBC. When you look at the menu, you realize that the salads and sandwiches are recognizable but have an element in them that makes them extra special. They are certainly a gem in Dothan, Alabama. If you’re driving down to the beach, or your anywhere near them, stop in and grab some food. You’ll get to meet Kelsey’s sweet momma and the KBC staff who work super hard to make your visit memorable!

We went to KBC a couple of times and loved everything we ate! We’re going to Panama City Beach in October so we’ll stop by again. I have it marked on my calendar. Now onto the food!

Lobster Roll

I’m not sure what it is about lobster rolls that gets me all wound up. It’s one of those menu items that I have no choice but to order. So it was a no brainer when I saw it on their board as the special. Lobster heaven in between two buttered buns - I knew I made an awesome choice when I ordered it.

Burnt End

Nick ordered the Burnt Ends Melt…. yep it’s as good as it sounds. Burnt ends, cheese, and bread all pressed together on a panini press. Just so you know… we ordered it the second time we went to KBC - it’s that good.

Croque Madam
Croque Madame 2

This is the Yes Ma’am - a croque madame! Hot ham and cheese with a fried egg on top. Destiny, with Visit Dothan, ordered this sandwich. I can’t tell you how awesome it was because I didn’t try it… because it probably would’ve been rude to ask for a bite when we just met her that day. HAHA! Believe me, I thought about it and then decided I didn’t want to be freakin weird. I believe her when she said it was amazing!

Poke Wrap

I don’t usually like to post pics of food that’s no longer on their menu - but for this, Imma do it! The second time we stopped by KBC, we ordered the Poke Wrap - delicious sushi grade ahi tuna wrapped all snug in sushi rice. Oooohhhh man - so good. Don’t be mad that we posted something you can’t get! Just know it was on the menu once and was amazing.

Pork Belly BLT

Hey guys… I don’t think this is on the menu anymore either. It’s the Pork Belly BLT. The sandwich as a whole was delicious. The pork belly pieces sometime came out whole when you bit into the sandwich. Ask me if I cared? NOPE. A big fat NOPE. It was loaded with delicious pork belly so I just ate some out of the sandwich and then ate it up. This sandwich delivered the pork belly so I was a happy camper.

Chicken Fingers

I have an eight year old son who doesn’t eat much more than chicken fingers when we eat out. Y’all…. why?! Drives me insane. We now have a rule that he has to try something other than chicken fingers and burgers - he’ll get there guys! I wish he ate vegetables like he used to though. These chicken fingers were so crispy and tender on the inside. Ooooh baby.


We usually don’t have any room in our tummies to squeeze in any dessert. Well we aren’t crazy y’all… we left plenty of room for dessert! Don’t leave KBC without getting something sweet! Their cookies have that crunchy chewy deliciousness. We pretty much scarfed them down! The macarons were ginormous! I grabbed the red velvet and carrot cake macarons to go and pretty much ate them while we drove out of Dothan.

So make a trip down to Dothan and be sure to stop at KBC!

Until next time -

Nick and Jenny