About Us

It’s 2019 and we are ready for ya! We are Nick and Jenny - and yes, we LOVE food. We love the history and community around food. It’s what drives us. Thank you for following our food blog and journey. Here’s a little about us:

Nick grew up in Bessemer, Alabama. He grew up around a big family who stays close to one another. It really is special to be part of such a loving southern family! We get together often and it’s always centered around love and homemade food.

I grew up overseas. My dad worked for the State Department so we moved from Alabama to Rome, Italy and then to Vienna, Austria. My mom is Chinese so I grew up around different cultures and ate so many different types of food. It’s been AMAZING and I’m so grateful for all of my experiences.

We have three kids and the CUTEST chiweenie. He is SO spoiled… and so are our kids.

So here we are. In our own little blogosphere. We wanted a corner to jot down our thoughts about southern food and the food we find in our state. Alabama is home to some delicious meals and inspiring chefs. Hope you enjoy visiting this blog! We’d love to hear from you!

-Nick and Jenny



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