Cajun Seafood House / Vestavia Hills, Alabama


If you follow our Instagram feed (@Eatingalabama), you KNOW how behind I am with the whole food blogging side of Eating Alabama. That would be my fault… totally Jenny because Nick is hard at work on the Eating Alabama Podcast. Have you listened in? I absolutely love hearing about the Chefs bringing their creativity in food for us to enjoy. It’s all about creativity, taste, and some hard work. If you haven’t listened in - check out iTunes or click on the Podcast Link here on the blog! Super easy!

It’s so odd when you look up somewhere to eat near you and you find a restaurant hidden in a shopping center that’s kind of off the “restaurant” grid. It’s not off of 280 and you really can’t see if from Rocky Ridge Road. We happened upon it when we googled restaurants that serve my daughter’s favorite seafood - snow crab legs! You can find their website HERE.

Before we get into the food pics and what we ordered, I wanted to talk about the restaurant itself. When you drive into the shopping center off of Rocky Ridge Road in Vestavia, Alabama, the Cajun Seafood House is to your left. The restaurant is an open space filled with stand alone tables with some booths scattered along the walls. If you’re wanting to go on a date or bring your kids along on your cajun date night, it doesn’t matter - do it! Causal… dressed up… doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you go check them out! For those who wanted to keep this place your secret - I’m so sorry.


Me: I’m going to order a salad. Yea that didn’t happen. Check out their menu and you’ll see why I couldn’t just order a salad. We’ll go in order of what we ate that day. First up - BOUDIN BALLS. If you know Cajun food then you should be familiar with boudin. It’s sausage stuffed with rice, onions, meat, and lots of cajun seasoning - it’s sooooo good. Boudin balls are made by taking the stuffing out of the casing, rolling it up, breading it, and then frying it up. *insert emoji face with drool* So yea… it’s freakin addicting. They have this sauce you can dip it in that sends it off the charts. Nick doesn’t like mayonnaise based sauces so he swears they’re good as is! Order some and tell us what you think!

Red Snapper

I’m not sure why it is that when I go to seafood restaurants I want fried fish! But I didn’t do it this time. Yay me! This is the pan-seared red snapper with cajun mashed potatoes and asparagus - with a delicious butter sauce drizzled over the fish. The snapper was cooked perfectly and was seasoned well. I’ll be honest with you - I never eat mashed potatoes with fish. It’s something I always think is pared with beef. The mashed potatoes were delicious, don’t get me wrong! I loved them. So overall - yes… order the red snapper because it’s delicious.


When I eat crab legs, I want them flaky, easy to pull out of the shell, and covered in cajun seasoning so that when you pull the meat out, the seasoning all over your fingers flavor the meat. Of course you have to dip it in melted butter - that’s a must. These legs where goooooood and eaten up in no time. Noelle ordered these and she let us have a bit but really didn’t want to share. She’s the type person who will huff and puff - give you the side eye - to the point where you regret asking her for anything because she gets so irritated. Do you know anyone like this? A non-sharer. “insert eye roll here”

Nick order shrimp étouffée but guess what?!?! NO PICTURE! Where did it go because I know we took a picture. I know we did! But it’s gone.

Bread Pudding

We all shared the bread pudding and fought over who got the last bite. It’s drizzled with whiskey sauce, chocolate and topped with fresh whipped cream. It was moist, flavorful, and probably some of the best bread pudding we’ve had. I liked it because it wasn’t so dense and anytime you add whiskey sauce to a dessert, we’re game. Because as you know - we are partial to whiskey.

If you’re looking for a seafood restaurant to visit, go check them out. Order some fish, some shellfish and definitely get dessert.

Until next time!