Archibald's / Tuscaloosa, Alabama


We’ve heard nothing but great things about Archibald’s for years now. It’s hard to believe that as many times as we’ve been to Tuscaloosa, we haven’t stopped once to eat some BBQ! We were super pumped to have an afternoon free to grab some lunch there. When we pulled up to the restaurant, we were thrilled that we were there after the lunch crowd. We thought that we were going to the Original Archibald’s but that location is in Northport, Alabama. Well…. guess we’ll have to go back and check out the Original Archibald’s! Awe shucks. More delicious BBQ.

If you want to go to Archibald’s for the decor, you’ll be way disappointed. If you go for great BBQ and friendly service, well then you’ll be so super excited. I loved our waiter. We could tell that he loved making guests happy through food. He moved us from one section to another because the air felt better there. He probably felt sorry for us because we were all red faced and sweaty from being outside at a softball tournament all morning/afternoon. Just one look at us and he knew what we needed…. air conditioning and a large drink with LOTS of ice. Onto the food…

Smoked Wings

Smoked wings… our weakness. If they’re on the menu, they’re on our table. Their wings were delicious… and the sauce was a HUGE plus. They were tender and not overcooked. If I lived in Tuscaloosa, I would order a truck load of wings for game days. So. Many. Wings.

Pork Plate

Our daughter ordered the pork plate… as long as we shared our ribs with her. Geez that’s asking a lot kid. But we did share and she didn’t. How is that even fair?

The pork was tender and the sides were so flippin good. The mac and cheese was delicious! I didn’t get to try the potato salad but I’m assuming it was pretty delicious because the kid polished it off! Nothing left to try.

Ribs 2

The ribs were just the way Nick likes them. Tender but not fall off the bone tender. There was some pull off the bone. The sauce they have at Archibald’s is vinegar based with specks of mustard throughout the sauce. It’s definitely on the acidic side - not on the sweet ketchupy side. The sauce is not thick - it was pretty thin and coated the ribs very well. I tend to love vinegar based sauce… even mustard based…. what am I even talking about because I love ketchup based as well. If it tastes great, then that’s what we’re looking for. We don’t want all BBQ to taste the same. We look for those special twists!


We didn’t order all these sides! Our waiter forgot to bring our sides to the table and begged our forgiveness by bringing us all the sides. So yea…. we forgave him! HA! My favorite side? Or sides? The okra (perfection), the mac and cheese (mmmmm cheesy), and the black-eyed peas and cornbread - because I’m pretty infatuated with black-eyed peas and cornbread is heavenly. Oh wait… did I pick all the carbs? My bad. The green beans were super tasty too!

Let us know if you’ve been to Archibald’s and what you think of their BBQ! With BBQ, people have their preferences and favorites. Let us know where you go for great BBQ.

Until next time-

Nick and Jenny