Lucky Cat Rolled Creams New Lunch Menu / Homewood, Alabama

Soft opening

Lucky Cat’s lunch soft opening is March 1st and 2nd from 11-3:00 or until they sell out. I would get there early to find a seat and look through their lunch menu because you’ll need time to make a decision. We were lucky enough to go to a tasting at Lucky Cat earlier this week. Their menu really delivered in my opinion. Their lunch options were varied and I absolutely loved the fact that there were more vegetarian options than options with meat.

Salad and Deviled Eggs

The salad is the Sugar Snap Pea Salad - sweet peas, sugar snap peas, herbs, radish, picked cherries, and pistachios. It was so fresh well balanced. The pop of fresh herbs, the spiciness of the radish slivers, crunch of the sugar snap peas and pistachios, and finally my favorite - the pickled cherries. At first I thought they were grapes but noticed that they had a sweet and acidic flavor. Mmmmm the salad was delicious.

The Deviled Eggs had some housemade hot sauce, cajun sparkle (not entirely sure what that is), herbs and most importantly pork dust also known as pork sung or pork floss. If you started following us in the beginning, you’ll know and understand my love for pork sung. We eat it on rice congee and on Chinese baked goods from the Sweet Hut Bakery in Atlanta. I was downright giddy when I saw it on the deviled egg. It brought saltiness and a nice savory bite to the creamy deviled egg. Again… this was an A+ for me. I noted though that not everyone will be crazy about the hot sauce but I wasn't mad at it. It was so good to me.

Deviled Eggs

The deviled eggs were familiar yet different in the best way. I know there are the southern traditionalists who want the dill pickle mixed in the yolk and I’m the first to tell you that I love it that way too. But I have room in my heart for variations!

Finger Sandwiches

When I saw these finger sandwiches, I thought of all the bridal showers and teas I’ve attended where these little cloudy bites of heaven were stacked. You want to grab all of them because one bite isn’t enough. At Lucky Cat, there are finger sandwich options! The Finger Sandwich Quartet has chicken salad, egg salad (YUM), benedictine cucumber, and Nanny Ruby’s pimento cheese with pepper jelly. I mean really - adding pepper jelly to pimento cheese was so good. Simple but added so much flavor to the pimento cheese. Sweet and spicy pimento cheese - I love pepper jelly added to a block of cream cheese so the taste was so familiar!


When Nick brought this to the table, I was taken aback. I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful flower on the toast! The toast has whipped ricotta, smashed sweet peas, shaved radish, pepita, herbs, edible flowers, and olive oil. I was almost tricked into thinking this was avocado toast! I wasn’t quite sure about eating flowers on this toast - we aren’t opposed to eating flowers but we’ve never ordered anything with them before. This was a first for me but eating the flower brought an earthiness to the toast. Not a taste I’ve ever tried before and I liked it. This was a reminder to me to always try something before I say I won’t eat it!

Matzo Ball Soup
Matzo Ball 2

This was definitely a surprise! Matzo ball soup? Well YES please. I was taken aback when this came out because it really didn’t match the other offerings on the menu but I heard someone say that this would be a special. I can imagine eating this on a cold day when you want to warm your bones while feeling like you didn’t break the calorie bank. I’m not sure what this will look like when you order it for lunch since we were only tasting the soup. So really - don’t look at the pics here thinking this is the serving size. Oh nooooo these were tasting bites so we could comment on the taste and provide input.

Pressed Meatloaf Sandwich

This delightful sandwich is the Pressed Meatloaf Sandwich. I loved that it didn’t have the usual tomato based sauce dressing it. It was different in a pleasant way - probably because I love horseradish. This sandwich had horseradish mayo, swiss cheese, pickled red onion, and burnt scallions. I could have used more horseradish in my mayo because I’m a fan. The pickled red onion brought the acid and the burnt scallions for some depth. Again, I could have used more burnt scallions on the sandwich - mmmm brings me right home.

Collard Green Melt

Last but not least, here is my favorite sandwich - the Collard Green Melt. Honest to goodness - you won’t miss the fact that there is no meat in this sandwich. It is that delicious. it is made with Alabama white sauce slaw, collards, swiss cheese, house peppadew thousand island on seeded rye. RYE! It was a collard reuben. It worked in the best way possible. You would think this sandwich would be wet because collards are typically served soupy or in it’s cooking liquid…. but this was not wet at all. The bread was not soggy. And there really wasn’t much time for the bread to get soggy because we polished it off.

After you finish lunch, grab a Forest Bear Cookie and end your meal on a sweet note! Or if you have room, grab some rolled ice cream. Either way, you win!

Until next time!