Mile End Deli / Birmingham, Alabama


I really wanted to shy away from an actual food blog when we started Eating Alabama. I didn’t think I would really have the time or experience to sit and write about the food we are eating. Forget about all that, I am pushing forward and am going to let you know our feelings about the food we are trying. You won’t find ratings here because I don't believe in actual ratings. It’s my opinion - but you may feel differently and that is cool.

A new Jewish Style Deli is coming to Birmingham, Alabama. The restaurant is a combination of a Jewish Deli and a Canadian style restaurant modeled after delis found in Montreal’s famous Mile End Neighborhood. It’s actually already here but will open on Thursday, January 10th. We were invited to a Friends and Family night to try out the food and WOW - we are pumped for opening day. As I sit here and type, I can imagine that opening day is going to be PACKED out and I can’t help but feel excited for them.

Mile End Deli Menu

Before we went, we looked online to check out their menu so we could get a sense of what we wanted to order. We decided and then changed our minds when we got there. We looked around and saw some beautiful plates of meats, sandwiches, salads, and entrees so I started pointing to different dishes asking our sweet waitress to explain what they were. I mean I know I could read it on the menu but hearing it from the excited wait staff changed our minds and boy, were we happy.

Dining area

The dining area was so sleek with white subway tiles and silver metal plated ceilings. The lights hung low with an amber glow which was a contrast against the all white interior. The staff was buzzing around each table, filling glasses, running plates, and still finding time to welcome us and keep our glasses full. Everything appeared to run smoothly and if it wasn’t, we were 100% fooled! Let’s talk about the food!


If you’re wanting an appetizer, look no further than the smoked meat poutine. Poutine is a layer of french fries, topped with smoked meat and cheese curds, and then smothered in gravy. HELLO! Why in the world would you NOT want that. I would even argue that we could consider it breakfast - just image the fries as hash…. yep - delicious. This is the first introduction we have had to poutine - so others will have to compete with theirs.


Next up…


Isn’t this the best example of a medium burger? Usually we order medium and it turns out to be medium-well - so YES to this. I have to be honest. We didn’t get a bite of this sandwich AT ALL. My daughter ordered it and she isn’t the sharing type. She’ll literally stare at you with a RB face daring you to touch her food. Promise - we feed her but she doesn’t want to share…. ever. She even gave us the dreaded huge sigh when I wanted to take pictures of it. I had to tell her to get over it and wait. If I could add eye roll emojis - a million of them - I would. Right here.

Chicken Schnitzle

I LOVE SCHNITZEL. It’s total comfort food for me. When I saw the Chicken Schnitzel entree on the menu, there was no turning back. NO changing my mind. The chicken was fried perfectly and combined with a lightly dressed arugula salad. The peppery bite of the arugula was perfect with the fried chicken. I didn’t know that the schnitzel was sitting on top of a mustard based sauce so I asked for a few slices of lemon. I cannot eat a schnitzel of any type without the squeeze of fresh lemon. YUM!!! I did share but didn’t want to. But I did share!


This - my friend - is the Mile End Platter. Filled with Hoyt Dogs, Smoked Meat and Corned Beef - two types of mustard - and a variety of DELICIOUS pickled veggies. I am crazy about pickled veggies - CRAAAAAZY! I love the sour pickled vegetables pared with smoked meats. Makes my mouth water as I’m typing this! The Hoyt Dog is homemade and you can really taste it. I am now spoiled and all I want are Hoyt Dogs.

Now that I look at the menu, I know for a fact that we will have to go back. We can only eat so many things on each visit. Have you eaten there yet? If so, what did you order? Give us suggestions for the next time we go!

Side note: My daughter got up to use their restroom and came back VERY excited. Apparently, the lighting in the bathroom at Mile End is PERFECT for beautiful selfies. I know you wanted to know that.

Birmingham has some good food.