Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar / Birmingham, Alabama (Summit)


Not many sushi bars sell hamburgers… not many burger joints sell sushi… but don’t even let that confuse you! The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar has the most delicious sushi AND burgers! The menu is incredibly creative and the food that comes out of the kitchen is beautiful and tasty.

Cowfish Grill Summit
Cowfish Menu
Nick Cowfish

Cowfish is definitely a family restaurant.  The menu includes options that the entire family will love - including your kids.  Their kids plates are so cute!  You can check out their menu here.  We were really excited to try their new sushi roll aptly named “The Roll that Love Built.”  This roll was created to help the Ronald McDonald House in Alabama.  For each roll sold, the Ronald McDonald House receives $2.  Seriously - what a delicious way to donate.

Before we show this special roll - let’s talk about everything that was ordered!

Spicy Poke Dip
Poke Dip 2

If you have looked at our Instagram account Eating Alabama, pictures of poke are always on repeat. It’s because we cannot get enough of them. We haven’t made it to Hawaii to savor their poke so we’ll satisfy our cravings with the beautiful bowls we get down south. So naturally when we saw the Spicy Poke Bowl appetizer, we jumped at the chance to try it. The pieces of fresh fish over a bed of seaweed salad placed on top of a crisp fried wonton was exactly what I needed to get ready for my sushi entree. The flavor was on point. It had everything that I look for in an appetizer - crunch from the wonton chip, soft fish, salty savory sauce, and the vibrant seaweed. I could eat this daily.

Hot Stoner

Let’s talk cocktails. Nick has a overwhelming craving for “hot and spicy” cocktails. This is the Hot Stoner - orange vodka, stone fruit syrup, Thai chili, and freshly squeezed lime. The bite from the chili and sour hint from the lime really made this drink pleasing. Nick usually orders one… but tonight - he ordered TWO! HAHAHA - yea we are lightweights. He ordered one while we ate our appetizer and then one after dinner.

Wasabi and Yuzu Martini

I’m a bourbon girl but wanted to try something different tonight. I asked our waiter (who was exceptional!) to recommend one of their martinis and he suggested the Wasabi Yuzu Tequila-tini. What? My first thought - what in the world? I was into it. YUM! The citrus from the Yuzu and lime paired with the wasabi was perfect with my sushi. Very surprised and super pleased!

The Roll that Love Built
The roll that love built 2

Isn’t this roll beautiful? Made in Ronald McDonald House Charity colors! The Roll that Love Built will be on the menu through March 2019 so this is your chance to go run and go order it to please your palate AND donate to a wonderful charity. Remember - $2 from this roll goes to the charity. The sushi roll has tempura shrimp in the center, topped with Yellowtail and Tuna, over an Eel Sauce. I tasted some strawberry in the sauce and it brought a pleasant sweet fruitiness to the roll. Not like sugar sweet - but the taste was very pleasing. It would be perfect for sharing with your table if you don’t want it for your main meal - but I wanted it all to myself.

Buffalo Burger

Nick ordered the Thundering Herd Bison Burger - a half-pound chipotle bison burger, sharp white cheddar cheese, avocado salsa, lettuce, chipotle aioli, red onion, sesame seed bun. Cooked to perfectly medium and tasted wonderful. He chose fried pickles as his side. YUM! That burger is so filling but he finished it. I was hoping he wouldn’t so we could bring it home and I could have enjoyed it for lunch today. HA!

Sushi and Burger

Just imagine how many friends and family would be SO happy with this meal. You can order what you want and everything is delicious!

And just look at how we ended dinner….


YAS FRIEND - we did! I asked for a cake and they GAVE ME A CAKE! This is the Fresh Berry Tall Cake - a lemon pound cake, vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry sauce, topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Take it in… take it ALL in. Please take note - this is to share. We did share and didn’t even seem to touch it… so please, share it with everyone because it can be shared with your whole table. We brought it home for the “kids.”

So all in all - we had a wonderful dinner at Cowfish. The staff was exceptional and food perfection - go check it out and let us know what we need to order the next time we stop by!