Margarita Grill / Pelham, Alabama


It seems like my friends always end up at Margarita Grill. We’ve been there quite a few times - for drinks, celebrations, and birthdays.

Margarita Grill

I love sitting on the patio where we can hear the live music. In the winter, they turn on the heat and enclose the patio - the last time we went, we sat under the heating unit and it literally felt like I was sitting right under the sun. So beware - don’t be like me and wear a sweatshirt - wear layers!

They typically have live music on the patios (there are two on either side of the restaurant) and honestly, the music is not bad! They book some good talent - there have been a couple of times when the music wasn’t great but the conversation and drinks didn’t stop so it wasn’t a huge issue. The wait staff is super nice and upbeat. They remember the regulars and take time to sit and chat with them when the dining room calms down a bit. We noticed a couple of families eating and talking to the wait staff - they would pull up a chair and talk and laugh. The vibe was very friendly and service was quick. Okay - so onto the food…

Splenda Margarita

Have you ever ordered a Splenda Margarita? I was so surprised at how good it was! GASP! I know Splenda isn’t the best for you but when you’re trying to keep on target, this margarita will not break the calorie bank. I’ll drink it when I’m out with my friends so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.


Nick typically orders their strawberry or coconut margarita. I can tell you - we’ve never been disappointed with their margarita selection. But then again…. I don’t think we’ve ever had a terrible margarita. I wanted to order their top shelf but ended up opting for the low cal option. They have a table side guacamole dip that looks delicious. I watched as a few tables ordered it - I always forget about it and order the side. Their guacamole dip is very lemon forward. It has onions, tomatoes, and plenty of lemon. It’s chunky and delicious! I’m a fan of lemons so I didn’t complain at all.

Taco Salad

I thought about ordering something super special for the blog but decided that I was really craving the taco salad. The chicken in the salad was grilled well and still juicy. The salad was loaded with chicken, cheese, and tomatoes with a touch of salad - I asked them to add the pickled jalapeños. I didn’t care for the dressing though. I should have used the salsa as my dressing and passed on what came with it. If your a fan of mayonnaise dressings then you may like it! The taco shell was good - I don’t typically eat all of it because I’m super full and satisfied after eating the salad. They use refried beans to anchor the taco shell to the bowl so if you’re looking for the beans, you’ll need to dig down to the bottom.


Nick always wants tamales. He loves tamales and always wants to order them when he finds them on a menu. The pork tamales he ordered was smothered in cheese and a red sauce (maybe enchilada sauce?) - he just asked the waiter for tamales without looking at the menu. It came with rice and beans. The tamales were good - Nick enjoyed them. The rice and beans were both pretty salty - Okay - so when I say they were salty - it wasn’t unbearably salty like spit it out salty. When you took a bite, you just thought… hmmmm…. this is salty. If you’re like my dad used to be and ate your granny smith apples with a palmful of salt, then you’d really like the saltiness of the rice and beans.

Lets see… in the past I’ve had the chicken quesadilla and the grilled chicken breast with vegetables. Just depended on what eating trend I was following at the time. Both are good! All this to say - if you’re looking for a child friendly family restaurant or a restaurant on the weekends with live music, Margarita Grill is your place. You can kick back, order familiar Mexican plates, and listen to music as you sip on your margarita of choice.