We are all into food


I wanted to hop on to talk about what we want from this blog and social feeds.  Really what we have planned.  I want to be clear.  I am not an English major and never had a full grasp on English grammar.  So if you see something - just ignore it.  Move on past the error unless it's a full on, in your face error, that you can't ignore.  Then tell me and we'll patch it up.  We'll still be friends. 

My grown up job is in a field where we don't have creative freedom.  We work with rules.  Rules that really can't be broken.  So I am faced with writing fact documents that get scrutinized so I wanted to find some freedom.  Freedom in this little space that Nick and I are creating around food.  Specifically, food in the south.  Food in Alabama.  Food that you find comforting and not fussy.  Food that is served by some amazing cooks and chefs.  If you read our about page, you'll kind of get a feel from where we are coming from.  Can't promise that we'll stay on track though.  We veer into ditches every now and then.

Nick and I are really into taking pics of our food and the food our friends eat.  In another life, I was a portrait and wedding photographer.  We've now moved into food.  Our iPhones are our besties and we use the all the time.  I have a Nikon that sits in it's bag all comfy - I'm going to make myself get it out soon enough... but I honestly like the non-fussiness of the iPhone.  

Paw Paw Patch in Homewood, Alabama.

Paw Paw Patch in Homewood, Alabama.

We like to try new restaurants and visit our tried and true favorites to see if there's something else on the menu we'd like to have.  So I hope you enjoy this journey and our thoughts about the south and it's food.

Nick is going to venture onto podcasting.  He's the history side of this duo.  He loves southern history and heritage.  He found that he's pretty smitten with why chefs do what they do.  He's pretty curious about what food means to chefs and how their raising influenced the people they are today.  Like everyone else - he's watched every Netflix food documentary and wants to dive into that world.  Both of us will need lots of grace from you as we make our move into this space. It's fascinating and delicious.

We aren't professionals and our palates are not in tune with every dish out there.  I mean how could it be?!  But we are committed to trying and describing the food honestly.  We want to venture out and see what the south has to offer.  We'll concentrate on the food in Alabama but you'll find some that aren't in our State.  Alrighty then... now that we've talked, we'll get this blog rolling.

- Jen

Nick Nicholson